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Improving a Project, for my Final Project

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I am going to be working on the Afro futurism project; I am going to try to make the first chapter of a book. I refuse to say I will do a whole book, but I think I can do a chapter in two weeks. I will re-do the original, but I will have some things from it. I do like to write, so I want to do something amazing. I have been thinking of re-doing that project almost all semester, so I think I have ideas to improve it.


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This project was enlightening because I had never used the barcode creator before. I really love projects where I learn something new. I felt like I was part of the group and it was a challenge that I had fun with. So how this went down was professor Whelan showed us how to create a barcode movie. The first step was figuring out what barcode we were going to make. We each picked our own thing because it makes it more personable when it is something that is unique to you.   Ever since I have been at UMW, I have been using Top Gun as my inspiration. So why not use it for what turns out is my final new project of the year and my life at UMW. It just seemed fitting.


Once we knew what movie trailer we wanted, it was on to putting it together in a bar code. We picked a trailer because it was much smaller than a whole movie. It took long enough to make a trailer; I can only imagine a whole movie. The movie had to be downloaded first off YouTube. In order to get it off YouTube, you must put ss in front of the website. Then we opened MPEG Stream Clip,, and Paint 2. Once all of these were opened, we down loaded the photos. We could only do 20 photos at a time, which made it harder to complete. Eventually, when we were not doing our project, professor Whalen created an easier way to do this project. Some of these tools, I had never used before, so it was a lot of fun using them.


Once all the photos were put together, they had to be stretched out and re-sized. The strips only came in 20’s so it was a small sample made small. Once each was compressed together I used paint to cut the edges off. The reason for cropping it out was so the movie was shown and not the out edges. We put all movie barcodes together in the slide show. When I was done with my part, I went to find the website that had a barcode quiz and added that to out presentation. It seemed like everyone like that and they were good at guessing which Disney movie it was based on color.


I would say we all worked very well with each other. This group worked as one unit instead of everyone doing their own thing, which made it fun. The best thing about the project is that I learned something new and I can use it into the future. This media as an art form is unique and I think it is beautiful because of all the colors and it takes all the info and compresses it into art. The whole point of this was to take a lot of information and make it art which turned out very nice. I was very happy with the results and what we did as a group.


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For the Mash ups project, I kind of did my own thing. My project was to create a mash up using tools I have used before.  I took the program Audacity and used it to create a mix up the power puff girls, pulp fiction, and the movie the “The Rock”.  It was fun to use knowledge I already had to create a funny project. I normally would use do something serious, but this time I tried to go for funny. Samuel L Jackson was the perfect voice to use in this situation. Then I also used Sean Connery and I was going to put another voice in for the third power puff girl, but it did not fit, or I could not find anything that fit. I watched a lot of video and recorded many lines to use for the project. I gave myself a goal of 5 minutes, which I guess was too long. I seem to like making things that are longer than the standard for school. I had to cut a lot out just so I could try to get it to 5 minutes or as close as possible.


I used Pulp Fiction because mixed with the PPG’s I found it funny. I thought something cute mixed with badass would be funny. I have been doing Mash ups for a while now, ever since DS 106, so I knew this type of project very well. I listened to many videos, and then recorded about a hundred plus scenes then put them in Audacity and created one big file. I like the editing process, so it was a lot of fun. I swear, I feel like this was easy, but it was not.  The process of finding all the material was challenging, then coming up with a script, and then putting it together was hard. Luckily I have done a radio show before, so I knew what to do.


I wish I could have collaborated with others, but everyone seemed to want to do their own thing. Some people didn’t know what they were doing, but I always think its better working with a group. The guidelines for these projects are so vague; I am just not use to it. Maybe I did not do a good enough job of collaborating, but I feel we just did our own thing and that was no fun. I don’t even know anyone actually listen to my project. It was not played in class, but hopefully someone gets to listen to it. I worked my butt on it and I feel like it was thrown away like trash that just sucks. If we all worked on one thing then maybe it would have been seen.


I guess a group of people doing a mash up is too much. Overall I liked doing the project, but I did not like presenting it, because it was not seen or heard. I have mixed feeling on it. There were good things during the project, but then presenting, I felt like I did nothing.


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In doing the Algorithms assignment, Sharla and I tried our hardest to make sure it was understandable. We both knew that anything we did had to be simple because the topic is not all that interesting for some people. I love the subject, but other people do not share that. We set out to educate people on the subject and even learn more about it our selves. I feel like it was the best project for me and I was the only one in my class that would do it. I convinced Sharla to do it with me because I do not like doing things by my self. I specifically liked talking about how they work and what they can and cannot do because there are a lot of misconceptions. When we started, we both knew that we would have to give examples of something simple and something complex in order to do it justice. There are so many algorithms out there and we had to choose just one for each.


We even showed examples of “Student” and “Teacher” so that someone can see or in my case hear about the difference an algorithm makes in doing a common search. Our research was amazing, the differences between certain words and what we know that something is defies what algorithms are doing. We learned that if something is popular, then it would be at the top of the list. Something that is not popular will be in the middle of the pack, but logically that is what we think of when someone says “student” or “Teacher.”


The more complex we tried to go the more I lost my partner, so I knew if my partner was lost, then the class would be. Simple was the name of the game in this project. Algorithms can be very complex, so explaining complex in 5 minutes is sort of hard to do, but I feel like we did a good job.


We came up with a stupid idea, but unique to us. The idea is that we take all of our clothes from our closet and put the shirts, pants, etc into the program. Once everything is in the program then we could make the algorithm give us a new match for everyday. That way we do not where the same clothes. I feel like anyone could like this, it makes things new and exciting everyday.


The point of this whole thing was that we learned something about algorithms and I know that I did. I never realized before this project that they are used in everything on the Internet and that search are about popularity.  I have been taking another class where we learn, use, and create algorithms so it was nice to use them in this class. I think that 5 to 10 years from now universities will have a specific class on teaching algorithms because there is so much to know and learn about them. I get excited about the subject and it is ok if anyone else does not.


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After Earth experienced a series of earthquakes that eliminated one-third of the population, the people needed a new home. Every country on the planet signed a peace treaty and became One Neutral Earth. The ONE counsel worked tirelessly for 4 years to create new ways to explore space and colonize new planets. Led by Dr. Albert Cash, him and his research team came up with the B3 model that is used in all exploration.


The B3 model refers to a person being able to breath, balance, and bounce in space. B3 is a belt-like device attached to an outfit made to look like a jumpsuit. The suit covers every part of the body except the head. It also has its own gradational pull that allows the user to feel like they are on Earth. The traditional space suit that covers a person’s body is completely eliminated and it looks ridiculous in comparison.


By 2081, the people of Earth have colonized all nine planets. Jupiter became the new capital of the solar system. The ONE counsel renamed the solar system into the ONE System. The ONE System includes all 9 planets, with each planet having a representative that serves the people of their planet called the Whistle. Each Whistle is responsible for making sure the people thrive as a peaceful society.



Chapter One


In what seems to be another planet, is now my home. As my dad puts it, this is another adventure we must take to find our place in the universe. He says that kind of thing all the time because we are always moving from one planet to the other.  


Being the daughter of the man who invented space colonization is challenging. His job is what keeps us on the move and is the reason that I feel alone. I never knew my mom; she died when I was five years old. My family consists of my dad and I, but he does not talk to me much. When he does talk to me, he is going on about new technologies and how they are going to change the world or giving me words of encouragement.


We had arrived on Venus in the Paxi. My dad looked over at me, he saw the sad look on my face as we were approaching the city. Yesterday, he told me that we would be living here for the next month. To say the least, I was not thrilled about that news. All of our trips so far have been for a few months at least. With a whole month, I will not have enough time to join the v-lose team.


In an effort to cheer me up, he leaned over to the Paxi driver and told him to go the long route. I can only imagine it was so that I could see our new city in all its glory as he normally says. When he says that, I automatically start loathing the city. To be far to the other cities, they were all new places. Under developed, so they do not offer much in my taste.


As we approached the south side of the city, I could see the city in the distant.  In my head, I imagined another hamlet, but I was wrong. This place looked nothing like a hamlet, it was gigantic. I could not believe it with my own eyes. From where we were, I could see the bright lights of the city.


When we got a little closer, I could see a sign that said Welcome to Motion City. The sign had many colors to it. The picture was of a city divided into eight providences and each had a color. My dad told me that we were going to be in the blue providence. This area was the closes to where he was going to be working. My school would only be a block away.



Chapter Two


My dad being my dad gave me words of encouragement before my first day at school. Let’s be honest, it was not the first day. The year had started a few weeks ago. Everyone else got to go through the meet and greet of, we are all new so lets be friends. I am the new person entering into the lion’s den; all I get is the look of fresh meat. But, my dad being compelled had to tell me that this is a new adventure and that I should soak it up.


When I entered the class for the first time, it was silent. I was standing in the doorway looking at the teacher moving her mouth and the other students were moving their eyes. I had never seen this before, did they not know that I was coming was all I could think about. Normally when I walk into the classroom I get stares and people whispering to each other because they know who I am. This time, no one is looking at me.


The teacher noticed me standing in the doorway, she paused, told the class something and touched her ear. Once she did that I was able to hear her mouth make sounds. She apologized to me and said welcome to the classroom. All of the other students started touching their ears and then I could then hear them too.


The teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Oliver. She had a huge smile on her face and had a very friendly tone. Even the other students said hello. I could not hear whispers and I did not see any stares at me like a piece of meat. The classroom made me feel welcomed.  


Mrs. Oliver told me to introduce myself. I told the class that my name is Trisha Cash and that I moved here from the planet Pluto. One kid immediately raised his hand and asked where Pluto was. With a dumb look on my face, I was about to tell him. The teacher interrupted me before I could get out my answer and said that we do not teach that to be one of the planets in our solar system because of its size. The kid put his hand back down and said I see. I did not know what he saw, because Pluto is a planet in the solar system.


The teacher said a few words and then asked if I would sit down. I choose the seat

That was three rows from the front; it was the only empty desk in the classroom. She went on to talk about our next lesson and how we would be visualizing the clouds. I had a complete blank stair looking at the teacher. She noticed and asked if I had an iREX. I told her no. She walked to her desk and was fumbling around until she found an extra one. She handed me the iREX and told me to attach it to my ear. She warned me that it might hurt. Ouch is all I could think about, but I put it on. The pain was not that bad. I felt a pinch in my ear lob. She told me to tap it, so I did.


The classroom disappeared and all I could see was white. Colors were appearing all around in the form of dots. The colors started swirling and I heard this noise like a computer rebooting.  Noises were ringing in my ear and then I started to hear the sounds of Mrs. Oliver. She kept saying, can you hear me? I responded by saying where am I? Clear as day, I heard her say that we are now in the educational program called iREX. I did not know what that meant, but she explained it to be a large room that we can learn in.


The colors in the room started to take shape. At first, the room was changing to blue and I could feel what I thought was a breeze. I looked around and I could see my classmates and Mrs. Oliver. Then I looked down, I probably should not have. We were in a cloud. I immediately jumped into the arms of another classmate. He told me that I should not be scared and that I can trust the room. He said we have not left the classroom, only our imaginations have. He put me down and I started floating in mid air. I put my feet down and floated.

First 2 Weeks

2 min read

The first two weeks of DGST 101 has been a refresher for me, because I feel like I have done almost all of this work before. Doing the contract and code of conduct is different, but I was in Professor Whalen’s class last semester and we did the grading scale the same way. I already had the website created from my DS 106 class the first semester I was here at he end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. It has been at least a year since I have had my website. In that year I added a blog, put it the way I wanted it to look, but I have also messed it up. Professor Whalen taught us CSS and HTML and I used that class to make all kinds of digital work. Anyways, the first two weeks of this class has been for me a lot of the same stuff. I did like the team building exercise to get to know your table. We did no know each other and now I feel like I have known them for a while. Now at least I know everyone that sits at my table’s name. The whole contract thing is interesting and different but I feel like I am still going to try my best and work hard for this class so that I can feel good that I created something meaningful. I cannot wait until we get into projects and dig ourselves into Digital Studies.

My Peripheral

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This book was interesting in many ways because it used technology in a way that so far is different then we use today. My Story about a girl who obtains the power of the Bindi Blade is similar, in that I am using a story in a way that seems different to other people. I think both have the possibility of becoming normal as time moves on. My Characters do have some in common with the characters in the peripheral, such as, Flynne who has to go into the further future as a peripheral, she is outside of her comfort zone, so that related to Kaitlyn who is outside of her comfort zone while on her adventure. Both of them get through it and create their own happy ending. 

Ideas, where are you?

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I think it would be cool to make a video using a drone, but I am not sure if this is the kind of idea for this class. I am really not sure what a good idea looks like yet, I think I need a range to think about before I get my idea. I think a movie is more of my style and I would like to learn how to use the green screen. I can also make a website or make my website I have into something useful. Honestly, I need to know how to think before an idea will come to me. For example, if yes you have to use a drone in some way, done that is easy. Saying a drone is a good thing to be around, but you can do anything. I do not know what that means and I cannot come up with a clear idea, because if we can do anything, I going to make a movie because it is my favorite thing to do. 

Final Reflection

3 min read

WOW! is all I have to say. This semester has taught me so much and opened my eyes to new things that I had not known before. First, I learned about Twine, this media helped my writing find its place because I love that I can break up sentences and paragraphs much differently than traditional writing. I find Twine to be a unique form of writing and something it took me a while to get use to but once I did it was fun.  Kumu is also different and I think it is more of a specific tool for writing. Kumu is too all over the place for me because the topic stays the same but changes after every link. I think it is much more work then Twine and maybe thats why it is harder for me to like it. The HTML we learned for creating our own website from scratch was epic and fun. I loved learning about this and I cannot wait to learn more about it. I have shown every person I have come into contact my website and I become more and more proud of myself. My digital Identity has changed dramatically because I really never thought of myself on the web and how I would be perceived.  I think my website is now a reflection of me. The first version of myself when I created it for the about me project has changed. Honestly it is like apples and oranges and that makes me feel great. I have come a long way in 5 short weeks and I want to continue with this class and do more. The projects we did helped out a lot, the about me started slowly just to get my feet wet and then it got harder and harder and it became more fun with every project we did. Learning the HTML was been great, I love code academy. That should be introduced much sooner because I played with that website a lot once I figured out some of the tricks, a little repetitive, but it helps. The journey from start to finish was crazy to me because I never thought I would be able to do this stuff and honestly I did not know we were going to learn this stuff. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.  I envision my website to grow more because I am still learning new tricks, I will keep adding things to it. If I can do all of this in 5 weeks, I think I could make it better. I will keep it and use it for any future assignments because I want to become better at this than I think I can be. 

Thank you for being patient with me. 

Analysis Project

1 min read

This project was the easiest because I cleaned up all of the words and thats about it. I made sure none of the words were awkward and it made sense. I read over everything many times. I did not add much more HTML then I had before because I thought it was awesome the first time around. I made sure I cleaned up the citations because I did those wrong also the first time around. I learned the most off of this project.