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This project was enlightening because I had never used the barcode creator before. I really love projects where I learn something new. I felt like I was part of the group and it was a challenge that I had fun with. So how this went down was professor Whelan showed us how to create a barcode movie. The first step was figuring out what barcode we were going to make. We each picked our own thing because it makes it more personable when it is something that is unique to you.   Ever since I have been at UMW, I have been using Top Gun as my inspiration. So why not use it for what turns out is my final new project of the year and my life at UMW. It just seemed fitting.


Once we knew what movie trailer we wanted, it was on to putting it together in a bar code. We picked a trailer because it was much smaller than a whole movie. It took long enough to make a trailer; I can only imagine a whole movie. The movie had to be downloaded first off YouTube. In order to get it off YouTube, you must put ss in front of the website. Then we opened MPEG Stream Clip,, and Paint 2. Once all of these were opened, we down loaded the photos. We could only do 20 photos at a time, which made it harder to complete. Eventually, when we were not doing our project, professor Whalen created an easier way to do this project. Some of these tools, I had never used before, so it was a lot of fun using them.


Once all the photos were put together, they had to be stretched out and re-sized. The strips only came in 20’s so it was a small sample made small. Once each was compressed together I used paint to cut the edges off. The reason for cropping it out was so the movie was shown and not the out edges. We put all movie barcodes together in the slide show. When I was done with my part, I went to find the website that had a barcode quiz and added that to out presentation. It seemed like everyone like that and they were good at guessing which Disney movie it was based on color.


I would say we all worked very well with each other. This group worked as one unit instead of everyone doing their own thing, which made it fun. The best thing about the project is that I learned something new and I can use it into the future. This media as an art form is unique and I think it is beautiful because of all the colors and it takes all the info and compresses it into art. The whole point of this was to take a lot of information and make it art which turned out very nice. I was very happy with the results and what we did as a group.