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After Earth experienced a series of earthquakes that eliminated one-third of the population, the people needed a new home. Every country on the planet signed a peace treaty and became One Neutral Earth. The ONE counsel worked tirelessly for 4 years to create new ways to explore space and colonize new planets. Led by Dr. Albert Cash, him and his research team came up with the B3 model that is used in all exploration.


The B3 model refers to a person being able to breath, balance, and bounce in space. B3 is a belt-like device attached to an outfit made to look like a jumpsuit. The suit covers every part of the body except the head. It also has its own gradational pull that allows the user to feel like they are on Earth. The traditional space suit that covers a person’s body is completely eliminated and it looks ridiculous in comparison.


By 2081, the people of Earth have colonized all nine planets. Jupiter became the new capital of the solar system. The ONE counsel renamed the solar system into the ONE System. The ONE System includes all 9 planets, with each planet having a representative that serves the people of their planet called the Whistle. Each Whistle is responsible for making sure the people thrive as a peaceful society.



Chapter One


In what seems to be another planet, is now my home. As my dad puts it, this is another adventure we must take to find our place in the universe. He says that kind of thing all the time because we are always moving from one planet to the other.  


Being the daughter of the man who invented space colonization is challenging. His job is what keeps us on the move and is the reason that I feel alone. I never knew my mom; she died when I was five years old. My family consists of my dad and I, but he does not talk to me much. When he does talk to me, he is going on about new technologies and how they are going to change the world or giving me words of encouragement.


We had arrived on Venus in the Paxi. My dad looked over at me, he saw the sad look on my face as we were approaching the city. Yesterday, he told me that we would be living here for the next month. To say the least, I was not thrilled about that news. All of our trips so far have been for a few months at least. With a whole month, I will not have enough time to join the v-lose team.


In an effort to cheer me up, he leaned over to the Paxi driver and told him to go the long route. I can only imagine it was so that I could see our new city in all its glory as he normally says. When he says that, I automatically start loathing the city. To be far to the other cities, they were all new places. Under developed, so they do not offer much in my taste.


As we approached the south side of the city, I could see the city in the distant.  In my head, I imagined another hamlet, but I was wrong. This place looked nothing like a hamlet, it was gigantic. I could not believe it with my own eyes. From where we were, I could see the bright lights of the city.


When we got a little closer, I could see a sign that said Welcome to Motion City. The sign had many colors to it. The picture was of a city divided into eight providences and each had a color. My dad told me that we were going to be in the blue providence. This area was the closes to where he was going to be working. My school would only be a block away.



Chapter Two


My dad being my dad gave me words of encouragement before my first day at school. Let’s be honest, it was not the first day. The year had started a few weeks ago. Everyone else got to go through the meet and greet of, we are all new so lets be friends. I am the new person entering into the lion’s den; all I get is the look of fresh meat. But, my dad being compelled had to tell me that this is a new adventure and that I should soak it up.


When I entered the class for the first time, it was silent. I was standing in the doorway looking at the teacher moving her mouth and the other students were moving their eyes. I had never seen this before, did they not know that I was coming was all I could think about. Normally when I walk into the classroom I get stares and people whispering to each other because they know who I am. This time, no one is looking at me.


The teacher noticed me standing in the doorway, she paused, told the class something and touched her ear. Once she did that I was able to hear her mouth make sounds. She apologized to me and said welcome to the classroom. All of the other students started touching their ears and then I could then hear them too.


The teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Oliver. She had a huge smile on her face and had a very friendly tone. Even the other students said hello. I could not hear whispers and I did not see any stares at me like a piece of meat. The classroom made me feel welcomed.  


Mrs. Oliver told me to introduce myself. I told the class that my name is Trisha Cash and that I moved here from the planet Pluto. One kid immediately raised his hand and asked where Pluto was. With a dumb look on my face, I was about to tell him. The teacher interrupted me before I could get out my answer and said that we do not teach that to be one of the planets in our solar system because of its size. The kid put his hand back down and said I see. I did not know what he saw, because Pluto is a planet in the solar system.


The teacher said a few words and then asked if I would sit down. I choose the seat

That was three rows from the front; it was the only empty desk in the classroom. She went on to talk about our next lesson and how we would be visualizing the clouds. I had a complete blank stair looking at the teacher. She noticed and asked if I had an iREX. I told her no. She walked to her desk and was fumbling around until she found an extra one. She handed me the iREX and told me to attach it to my ear. She warned me that it might hurt. Ouch is all I could think about, but I put it on. The pain was not that bad. I felt a pinch in my ear lob. She told me to tap it, so I did.


The classroom disappeared and all I could see was white. Colors were appearing all around in the form of dots. The colors started swirling and I heard this noise like a computer rebooting.  Noises were ringing in my ear and then I started to hear the sounds of Mrs. Oliver. She kept saying, can you hear me? I responded by saying where am I? Clear as day, I heard her say that we are now in the educational program called iREX. I did not know what that meant, but she explained it to be a large room that we can learn in.


The colors in the room started to take shape. At first, the room was changing to blue and I could feel what I thought was a breeze. I looked around and I could see my classmates and Mrs. Oliver. Then I looked down, I probably should not have. We were in a cloud. I immediately jumped into the arms of another classmate. He told me that I should not be scared and that I can trust the room. He said we have not left the classroom, only our imaginations have. He put me down and I started floating in mid air. I put my feet down and floated.