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For the Mash ups project, I kind of did my own thing. My project was to create a mash up using tools I have used before.  I took the program Audacity and used it to create a mix up the power puff girls, pulp fiction, and the movie the “The Rock”.  It was fun to use knowledge I already had to create a funny project. I normally would use do something serious, but this time I tried to go for funny. Samuel L Jackson was the perfect voice to use in this situation. Then I also used Sean Connery and I was going to put another voice in for the third power puff girl, but it did not fit, or I could not find anything that fit. I watched a lot of video and recorded many lines to use for the project. I gave myself a goal of 5 minutes, which I guess was too long. I seem to like making things that are longer than the standard for school. I had to cut a lot out just so I could try to get it to 5 minutes or as close as possible.


I used Pulp Fiction because mixed with the PPG’s I found it funny. I thought something cute mixed with badass would be funny. I have been doing Mash ups for a while now, ever since DS 106, so I knew this type of project very well. I listened to many videos, and then recorded about a hundred plus scenes then put them in Audacity and created one big file. I like the editing process, so it was a lot of fun. I swear, I feel like this was easy, but it was not.  The process of finding all the material was challenging, then coming up with a script, and then putting it together was hard. Luckily I have done a radio show before, so I knew what to do.


I wish I could have collaborated with others, but everyone seemed to want to do their own thing. Some people didn’t know what they were doing, but I always think its better working with a group. The guidelines for these projects are so vague; I am just not use to it. Maybe I did not do a good enough job of collaborating, but I feel we just did our own thing and that was no fun. I don’t even know anyone actually listen to my project. It was not played in class, but hopefully someone gets to listen to it. I worked my butt on it and I feel like it was thrown away like trash that just sucks. If we all worked on one thing then maybe it would have been seen.


I guess a group of people doing a mash up is too much. Overall I liked doing the project, but I did not like presenting it, because it was not seen or heard. I have mixed feeling on it. There were good things during the project, but then presenting, I felt like I did nothing.