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In doing the Algorithms assignment, Sharla and I tried our hardest to make sure it was understandable. We both knew that anything we did had to be simple because the topic is not all that interesting for some people. I love the subject, but other people do not share that. We set out to educate people on the subject and even learn more about it our selves. I feel like it was the best project for me and I was the only one in my class that would do it. I convinced Sharla to do it with me because I do not like doing things by my self. I specifically liked talking about how they work and what they can and cannot do because there are a lot of misconceptions. When we started, we both knew that we would have to give examples of something simple and something complex in order to do it justice. There are so many algorithms out there and we had to choose just one for each.


We even showed examples of “Student” and “Teacher” so that someone can see or in my case hear about the difference an algorithm makes in doing a common search. Our research was amazing, the differences between certain words and what we know that something is defies what algorithms are doing. We learned that if something is popular, then it would be at the top of the list. Something that is not popular will be in the middle of the pack, but logically that is what we think of when someone says “student” or “Teacher.”


The more complex we tried to go the more I lost my partner, so I knew if my partner was lost, then the class would be. Simple was the name of the game in this project. Algorithms can be very complex, so explaining complex in 5 minutes is sort of hard to do, but I feel like we did a good job.


We came up with a stupid idea, but unique to us. The idea is that we take all of our clothes from our closet and put the shirts, pants, etc into the program. Once everything is in the program then we could make the algorithm give us a new match for everyday. That way we do not where the same clothes. I feel like anyone could like this, it makes things new and exciting everyday.


The point of this whole thing was that we learned something about algorithms and I know that I did. I never realized before this project that they are used in everything on the Internet and that search are about popularity.  I have been taking another class where we learn, use, and create algorithms so it was nice to use them in this class. I think that 5 to 10 years from now universities will have a specific class on teaching algorithms because there is so much to know and learn about them. I get excited about the subject and it is ok if anyone else does not.